Best Porn Tumblrs


I admire the theme blogs that show coherence and consistent selection criteria. I’ve tried myself and got fed up rather soon and quit. So I think this blogger deserves recognition for keeping up with such a small pic niche! Yep, what you see is what you get: sitting ladies letting you peek their goods. A nice theme and a good selection. It may have a small problem with some dupes, but they look nice, don’t they?

Girls sitting or squatting, knees together, facing camera and letting you peek their nice labia.

  • PLUS: theme consistence
  • MINUS: some dupes!/peekingclams


It introduces itself as the kinky, the flexible, the beautiful. The afterhours activities of private dancers. That surely makes a nice mix! An artsy touch over a choice of shibari, conventional bondage, yoga, contortion, conceptual photo, ballet and fantasy. A mix of subtle and nearly SFW images with an ocassional explicit shot. Some male models as well. The whole makes an original, refreshing and never boring blog and some great pics to discover. A great browsing experience!

Shibari, dance, yoga, contortion, art… Somewhat it makes sense and creates a unique atmosfere.

  • PLUS: powerful suggesting images, atmosfere
  • MINUS: I miss more explicit pics!/ballerinabondagefairies


Yep, it’s about tits. Natural, full, big, round tits. Amateurs, illustration, vintage or modelling, but always appealing. A nice one.!/titsian


A great, great selection for the porn connoisseur. The focus is on penetration and some nice close ups. All pics’ve got that something that turns you on. This blogger knows what he does. Top one.!/bizarre-bazaar

Star Nudes (Engines of creation)


This tumblr has a very clear criteria for selection: Full body pics of young, naked girls just posing for the camera. No cropping, no dicks, no dildos, no lesbian touching, no fingering… just marvelous young female bodies displayed in all its natural splendor.

I sure like it!